What is Project Missing Pieces?



Established in February 2014, Project Missing Pieces is a public charitable trust operating in India.


Our mission is to provide quality music education & exposure to disadvantaged children and promote music education in all institutions to help students achieve enhanced cognitive & creative development.


Our approach towards taking music as a tool and making it an integral part of learning is three pronged – Educate, Expose & Equip. This forms the basis of our model with three key initiatives – TUNE, VIBE & KIT.

TUNE, our music education initiative designs, conducts and facilitates music programs for students of various age groups and abilities. The initiative identifies individual musical ability in aspirants and helps them realize their potential through quality music instruction & training.

VIBE, our music exposure initiative cultivates Active Listening by providing a diet comprised of various musical genres to develop individual taste & appreciation, and also facilitates Passive Listening by creating suitable musical ambiances during various activities in classrooms, libraries & children shelters.

KIT, our music equipment initiative works towards acquiring resources like instruments, accessories & study material required by the other initiatives and making the same readily available for use.

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