As a donor

You may support us by donating funds or library resources such as space, music instruments, accessories & other materials in working condition to the project.

  • For monetary donations, contact us for account details.
  • For library donations, send us the resource details and we will get back to you with collection arrangements.

As an expert

You may help us in designing, developing, conducting & facilitating music programs, libraries, workshops, events, campaigns etc. Let us know if you are interested in offering your expertise in areas like the ones listed below.

  • Music Instruction
  • Voice Training
  • Curriculum Design
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Library Management
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising Organization

As a partner

We would love to hear from foundations, schools, shelters, companies, media groups etc., who want to be a part of our journey. You may join hands with us in many capacities like those mentioned below.

  • Program Partner
  • Logistics Partner
  • Technology Partner
  • Media Partner

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